GSMA Innovation Fund - Mobile for Development


GSMA Mobile for Development uses its position at the intersection of the mobile ecosystem and development sector to drive innovation in digital technology that reduces inequalities. 

Within this team, the GSMA Innovation Fund provides equity free grant funding and technical assistance to test digital innovations with socio-economic impact in emerging economies. The goal is to de-risk innovations, generate learnings and attract further investment.

By partnering with the UK Foreign Commonwealth Development Organisation, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, we leverage public sector funding to catalyse digital innovation.

Come and meet a selection of our Innovation portfolio: Africa 118, ATEC, Bhumijo, DeafTawk, Diyalo, Ensibuuko, I-Stem, JanaJal, Knowledge Platform, Koolboks, Orenda, Powerstove Energy, ReCircle, Regenize, ScholarX, SignAble, Signs Media, SoSo Care, The Freetown Waste Transformers, Vceela, WidEnergy.