Yvone John Bayona

Head of Sales: IoT and Digital Platforms, Vodacom Tanzania Limited

Yvone John Bayona

Speaker Bio

“My mantra is, the only sustainable advantage one can have over others is agility’’ 

Yvone J Bayona is the Head of Sales IoT and Digital Platforms at Vodacom Tanzania with over 17 years of experience in the telecommunication sector.  A graduate from University of Dar es salaam with a degree in International Relation and a Masters in project planning and management. Yvone is passionate about technology and its role in development and social impact in general, in my current role I help businesses and other stakeholders to embrace and adopt new ways of working with the latest and emerging technologies to stay relevant in the market. 

For the past 17years, Yvone has managed to grow and embrace changes in different roles within Vodacom, rising from customer service agent to various managerial roles. This includes Manager sales acquisition, Manager Retention, Manager Marketing, Head of Compliance Enterprise, Head of Commercial Marketing, Head of IoT and Digital platform as a current role. During this growth journey Yvone successfully drove and directed CRM system project for enterprise (a system that digitized daily operations), acquisition of big corporate clients, ensuring policies and processes for compliance are developed, rolling out Internet of things different use cases into the market(Smart metering, asset tracking, smart mining, smart building, Pitching to public sector the advantage of using digital platforms such as M-pesa, M-Kulima, M-Vaccination and SVS(Stock Visibility system) and Education platform. 

Yvone wants to engage more with influential decision makers, international organization, NGOs and thought leaders in Agritech space where they can influence different policies which supports tech. She is open to challenges, conversations and an exchange of ideas from top players in Agriculture sector. 

Working with purpose led organization for the past 17years and earning Masters in Project management, Yvone has developed a passion in emerging technologies and Agritech (how technology can change and transform agriculture sector). She is currently spending more time with farmers in the villages so as to understand their pain point and come up with customized solutions which will change farmer’s lives.