Sitoyo Lopokoiyit

Managing Director at M-Pesa Africa and Ag. Chief Financial Services Officer, Safaricom

Sitoyo Lopokoiyit

Speaker Bio

Sitoyo Lopokoiyit is a mobile-financial services expert, who has managed mobile money in two of the largest markets in the world (Kenya & Tanzania). In his current role as Managing Director – M-Pesa Africa and Acting Chief Financial Services Officer at Safaricom PLC, he is responsible for managing and growing M-PESA which has earned revenues of over $700 million, with the service growing at over 19% year on year.

He is a passionate, energetic and easy-going leader, who has delivered major innovations that have revolutionized the global mobile money space and driven financial inclusion such as the world’s first contextual over draft facility dubbed- Fuliza, Mshwari a savings and loan proposition, M-PESA Global Payments, and partnerships with Paypal and Ali Express.

Prior to joining Safaricom PLC, he served as the M-Commerce Director at Vodacom Tanzania PLC , where he led the turnaround strategy for the adoption and execution of M-PESA which resulted in the accelerated growth of M-PESA in Tanzania. He also oversaw the delivery of several other transformative products and services like the delivery of Mobile Money G2 platform, M-PESA APP, interoperable transactions for both peer to peer transfers and merchant payments, Business to Business payments, M-PESA CVM and Merchant Payments.

He is currently the Chairman of M-PESA Limited (Tanzania) and CEO of Safaricom Money Transfer Services Limited.