Samiya Abdulkadir Godu

President, Ethiopian Youth Entrepreneurs Association

Samiya Abdulkadir Godu

Speaker Bio

Samiya Abdulkadir Godu, is a strong, enthusiastic & visionary, young Ethiopian entrepreneur and passionate to add value for youth startups as a diplomat and advocate the startup ecosystem and encourage young females by sharing her experience and exposing them through her network, she holds BSC with Applied Chemistry and MBA (Masters in Business Administration) and also attend different life and entrepreneurship training programs. Professionally her focuses is on Education & Young Entrepreneurship. In 2019 she established Aim View General Educational Consultancy to create a robust environment where every learner experience success and has an opportunity to realize their potential by improving school systems.  On education sector, Ms.

Samiya also founded a non-profit organization called Minimum Learning Competency Ethiopia (MLCE). The organization is working to raise funds from concerned bodies to support projects in STEM (Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering) to produce globally competent citizens that can realize their visions.

From her experience of being young entrepreneur who are working to solve the problem towards practical education, as most of young startups in Ethiopia she face four main challenges those are skill gap, lack of accessing information, lack of accessing network and lack of accessing finance for realizing her vision, then she took the initiative and found the first Ethiopian Youth Entrepreneurs Association; An association working to understand, empower, support, advocate and promote the social, economic, and entrepreneurial interests of youth entrepreneurs.