Nour Al-Khatib

Senior Manager, Global Brand, MTN Group

Nour Al-Khatib

Speaker Bio

Nour Al-Khatib is an experienced marketer with extensive exposure in the telecoms sector.

She completed a BA in Media and Communication at the University of Damascus, as well as an MBA at the Higher Institute of Business Administration. Nour joined MTN Syria in 2006. In 2014, her proven talents were seconded to the MTN Group head office in Johannesburg, South Africa. In the 8 years since, she and her team have worked through remarkable challenges and seen significant growth in the MTN Africa & Middle East region.

With strategic acumen, and a multidisciplinary approach, Nour and group brand team manage the full communications spectrum of the MTN Group brand. Her passion is to see MTN at the forefront of driving digital literacy and unleashing the entrepreneurial potential of mobile, connecting the unconnected. An important programme in this regard is MTN’s Double Data Education and Awareness stream, in which Nour is fully immersed.

With resilient, infectious energy, Nour enjoys the company of thought leaders who turn brilliant  ideas into great results.