Michael Koech

Environment and Social Lead, Airtel Africa

Michael Koech

Speaker Bio

Michael is the Environment and Social Lead at Airtel Africa.

 He has a wealth of knowledge and experience on Sustainability, Climate Tech, and Social Policy having practitioner on sustainability, environment, climate and and health and safety in various corporates notably Unilever, Savannah Cement, Safaricom PLC, the GSMA before joining Airtel Africa early this year, 2022.

 In the Telco Industry, Michael has been instrumental in implementation of key environment and sustainability initiatives which include net-zero strategy, e-waste management, circular economy, and ISO 14001 certification.

He is a believer in the use of technology to address some of the current pressing climate mitigation and adaptation imperatives.

He also serves as a board member in a number of environment and sustainability groups including Business for Nature, Kenya Private Sector Alliance Environment Sector Board and National E-Waste Steering Committee