Mapula Bodibe

CEO, MTN Rwanda

Mapula Bodibe

Speaker Bio

Mapula Bodibe is Chief Executive Officer at MTN Rwanda, having joined the organization at the beginning of September 2022. She’s a seasoned Telecomms specialist with 17 years’ experience in the telecommunications sector.

Formerly, she has served as the Chief Consumer Officer at MTN South Africa where she led the Consumer Business Unit for over 5 years. She has had an illustrious career with MTN serving in various leadership roles including the Chief Marketing Officer at MTN Uganda as well as the Executive and General Manager for the Consumer Business unit at MTN South Africa.

She’s inspired to work in an industry that has a tangible and lasting impact on society and is excited by the power of technology to change lives and contribute to sustainable socioeconomic development. She believes the purpose of business is to make people’s lives better and make a meaningful. Mapula is passionate about the development of Women in the ICT sector as well as mentoring and coaching young women to build successful careers.

She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Economics, a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and a Master’s in Business Administration, all from the University of South Africa.