Lele Modise

Group Chief Legal and Regulatory Affairs Officer, MTN

Lele  Modise

Speaker Bio

Lele  Modise is the  Group Chief Legal  and  Regulatory  Affairs Officer  (CLRO)  at  MTN  Group  Limited(MTN), and  was previously the  MTN  Group  Chief Legal  Counsel,  having  joined  MTN  Group  in August 2019.Lele  is  a  member  of  the  MTN  Group  Exco,  as  well  as  the  Enterprise  Risk  Management Committee. Lele  also  reports  to  Group Board subcommittees on  legal and  regulatory risk,  which include the Group Risk and Compliance Committee, the Group Audit Committee and the Group Social and  Ethic  Committee. Lele  also  reports  to  the  MTN  Group  Board  on  certain  key  matters  arising  from both  the  legal  and  regulatory  aspects  of  MTN  across itsmarkets. Lele  is  the  chairman  of  the  Group Legal Executive Committee, as well as a member of the MTN Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Lele leads the  legal and  the  regulatory function  across  the  various  markets  that  MTN operates  in  across Africa and the Middle East. Lele leads the regulatory function in respect of variouso perational aspects including licence renewals and  applications, spectrum  acquisitions (including  auctions), engagements  with  various  regulators, ministries  and  industry  bodies, in  respect  of legislative and  policy developments and  industry developments. Lele leads  MTN’s industry advocacy  programmes and  participates  in  various  industry committees including the GSMA, Smart Africa, ITU and ITA. Lele is also a member of the GC50, which is an organisation of general counsels in World50.