Asha D. Abinallah

CEO, Media Convergency

Asha D. Abinallah

Speaker Bio

Asha D. Abinallah is an Expert working at the Intersection of Information, Innovation, Technology, Internet Governance and Digital Practices in New Media for more than twelve years in the ICT Field, with a Masters in New Media from the University of Leeds from United Kingdom. Her strong suits are Digital Practices, Technological Renovation, Business Development and Growth, Strategic Planning and Execution and Research. She is an Internationally Digital Skills Certified Trainer by DW Akademie (German) and a researcher in the fields of the Internet and its governance. Ms Abinallah is a recipient of a one-year Advanced International Training Programme in “Media Regulations in a Democratic Framework 2019/20”, organized jointly by NIRAS Sweden AB, FOJO: Media Institute, Global Reporting and IMS, on behalf of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). Abinallah is also a protégé and founding member of JamiiForums where she has spent the last ten years of career to June 2020, leaving at the Position of Operations and Programs Director having grown from the level of a volunteer when she first joined in 2011.

Ms Abinallah is the Founder and CEO of a 2020 Tanzanian-founded ICT based organisation known as Media Convergency. It is a Multidisciplinary ICT Company that appraises Information and applies Technological Innovations and Applications that provide impactful Digital Solutions operating under their four units identified under its Technological Applications and Digital Solutions Guide. Media Convergency focuses on four areas of operations namely (a) Digital/Technological Innovation, (b) Project Cycle Management, (c) Information and Data in New Media and (d) Promoting Impact Technology. Abinallah has over the years coordinated, conducted and convened several researches and Stakeholders Engagements on Internet Freedom and Good Governance in Tanzania s well as been a part and an attendee of international conversations on Internet Freedom, Internet Access and Internet Governance in platforms such as the Internet Governance Forum, RightsCon Forum, Stockholm Internet Forum and FIFA Africa.

Abinallah is also as strong advocate for Digital Inclusion and Safe Online Spaces for the youth and Women; an initiative realized through the Women at Web Tanzania project. Women at Web Tanzania was initiated and is funded by DW Akademie with the aim of bridging digital inclusion by promoting digital literacy and digital citizenship amongst women in East Africa (Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda). She is also a member of Facebook’s Sub- Sharan Africa Women’s Rights Working Group.

She is a Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni (a Young African Leaders initiative) on the Business and Entrepreneurship track that she studied at the University of Austin in Texas in 2015 and Swedish Institute Management Program Africa (SIMP) 2018 alumnae. Her hobbies are Politics, Relationship Dynamics, Books, Movies and Music.



Excellence in Leadership Award, Women in Management Africa (WIMA)


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