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Assessing the impact of telecoms traffic monitoring systems in Sub-Saharan Africa


Thu, 27 Oct: 11:00 - 12:00 CAT

By Invitation Only


MH1, Meeting Hall



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In Sub-Saharan Africa, a number of countries have adopted technical solutions that involve the installation of external equipment into telecoms network by a third-party vendor to monitor telecoms traffic data. These telecoms traffic monitoring systems (TTMS) have the capability to actively or passively collect, record, or tap into content of incoming and outgoing electronic communications traffic in real-time and store or report same to the telecoms regulator or any other authority.

Governments have provided various reasons to justify the implementation of these systems, including: to prevent SIM box fraud; to verify revenues due to the government from the provision of telecoms services; and to provide real-time visibility of traffic on various telecoms services.

GSMA has conducted a survey of National Regulatory Authorities and mobile network operators across Sub-Saharan Africa to understand the impact of TTMS implementations in the region from the perspectives of the various stakeholders, and this session will present the GSMA’s analysis that resulted therefrom.

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